There are many ways to make contributions to Columbian Presbyterian Church: (1) MAIL A CHECK–Mail us a check from your personal checking account or through a donor advised fund (DAF) to: Columbian Presbyterian Church, PO Box 270, LaFayette, NY 13084 . (2) CREDIT CARD–Click the “Donate” button below to use PayPal or a credit card.  Please note that a small portion of donations made through this service (2.2% + $.30) are deducted for transaction fees.
(3) DONATE THROUGH A DONOR-ADVISED FUND (DAF)— Use the button below. This is available only to individuals or entities with established Donor-Advised Funds. 
(4) LEAVE A LASTING LEGACY--By including the church as a beneficiary of your estate, your legacy can provide future generations spiritual guidance. Please consult your financial advisor for details.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!