Becoming a Member

The Church is the “Body of Christ.” That body worships in many communities and in different styles. It is not necessary for you to be a member of Columbian Presbyterian to participate in the worship and ministries that we hold dear. If you want to hold an office such as Deacon or Elder or vote at congregational meetings then membership is required. Regardless of which direction God leads you we hope that you will continue to worship with us. Pastoral care and the prayers of the people are for all of God’s children. If you have a need or concern about which you wish to talk to the pastor or another leader within the church please know that the doors are always open. We are a church of hospitality and we care for the world and each other. We hope that you will feel the embrace of the Holy Spirit as you spend time in this house of God. If you are interested in joining Columbian there are two ways to do this. The first is through a transfer of membership with an official request from us to the church where you wish to move from. This is not an easy decision and we understand the grief and sorrow that accompanies a move of any kind. Another way to become a member is through a profession of faith. A series of classes can be offered where you will learn about the history and gifts of the church; here in LaFayette and in the wider world. After these classes you will be asked to stand before the congregation and profess your faith.
If you are interested in learning more please speak to the pastor or one of ushers and greeters who will help to point you in the direction God is leading you.